Protected Species

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Smart Ecology provides a comprehensive range of protected species surveys and our team includes licensed surveyors.

* Excluding VAT. Guideline prices are for a small, local site. Actual costs are based on various factors including site size and travel distance, get a free quote.

Our team, along with specialist associates, can also offer a range of other protected species surveys including: White clawed crayfish, Pine marten, Polecat, Invertebrates, Fish, Plants, Fungi, Red squirrel and Natterjack toad just ask.

Protected Species

In the UK many animal and plant species are protected by law. These protected species must be considered as part of a planning application and surveys are required when there is potential for protected species to be present.

Smart Ecology provide legislation and policy advice to ensure that your project or development complies with wildlife law. We will work closely with you to design practical mitigation measures to obtain a successful planning application.

Licence applications

For some species, when it is not possible to avoid impacts, a licence from the relevant Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation (Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, Scottish Natural Heritage) is required to permission the works. Licences are applied for after planning permission has been granted, and include production of a detailed method statement of how the works will be undertaken to minimise impacts upon the protected species. Our licensed ecologists have experience in producing all aspects of licence applications.

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