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Field Sign Surveys

A walkover of suitable habitat to look for evidence of otters (e.g. spraints, footprints, holts, feeding remains).

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Mitigation Licences

We can apply for a European Protected Species (EPS) mitigation licence for you.

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Why otter surveys are needed

Otters are a European Protected Species and are legally protected. The otters themselves, their habitats and where they live (holts, couches) are all protected.

If your proposed works are likely to impact upon a watercourse or suitable terrestrial habitat (e.g. marshland, woodland close to a watercourse) surveys may be required to ensure that the law is not broken and inform a successful planning application.

The survey process

Field sign surveys

Otter surveys involve a surveyor walking habitats with potential to support otters and searching for field signs (e.g. spraints, footprints, holts, feeding remains). This survey can be undertaken at any time of the year, although the best time is early spring when water levels recede and field signs are not obscured by vegetation.

The next steps

If surveys find that otters are present we will work closely with you to design practical mitigation to ensure your project complies with wildlife law and that your planning application is successful.

European Protected Species (EPS) licence

If impacts to otters cannot be completely avoided it may be necessary to apply for a EPS mitigation licence from the relevant Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation (Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, Scottish Natural Heritage). These licences permit works affecting otters that would otherwise be illegal, and can be applied for after planning permission has been granted. We are experienced in preparing and applying for these licences.